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How to effectively & safely teach yoga to Seniors


              Sunset Yoga Teacher Training Course

In our culture, we often have a one-size-fits-all, over 55 definition of what it means to be a “senior.” However, there are many perspectives of the aging process and the term senior spans decades. When working with an older population, where the “senior” age varies, the approach to teaching and the needs of the students would necessarily vary as well. In Sunset Yoga Teacher Training, you will take a journey into the exploration of teaching to seniors of all ages. You will learn indepth knowledge of the aging process, practical tools for teaching, as well as the nuances of teaching to a senior population that will make you a more skilled and effective teacher. Sunset Yoga Teacher Training has a unique point of view and training experience that will empower you to address the specific needs of this ever growing segment of our commu

Weekend Intensive Course

This training is geared toward yoga teachers but is suitable for fitness instructors, healthcare professionals and anyone working with an older population. Yoga poses easily translate into personal training and group exercises. Additionally, general aging exercise guidelines are included in this training material.

This training takes place over two days and the schedule can be customized for the studio.  Yoga Alliance 14 CEUs earned. CEUs with ACE, AFAA or NASM can be petitioned for independently.  Please note that Elizabeth is also certified through AFAA.

Course Components

· Anatomy and Philosophy of Aging

· Benefits of Yoga specifically for Seniors 

· Common Injuries, Imbalances and Health Issues

· Sunset Yoga Foundational Elements of a Class Plan 

· Adaptation of the poses 

· Chair Yoga Poses Beyond the Basics

· Best Practices for Teaching to Seniors

· Teaching to a Multi-Level Senior Class

· Keep Calm and Do Yoga

· Simulation Exercise

· Sample Class formats—Standing to Mat, Standing mixed with Chair and Mat,

       2 Chair Only Practices

· Practicum-Students will have the opportunity to practice teaching in small groups

Upcoming Trainings

Nov. 2,3,4 at Rise Well-Being Center.  Note this training will be 14 CEUs.  Register at

Please email info@yogewisdom to inquire about upcoming training 

OCT. 13th and 14th 2018 at Art of Balance in Fredericksburg, VA.  Register at www.artofbalanceyoga.comlocations or to have Elizabeth bring this special program into your studio or fitness facility.

Sunset Yoga Teacher Training


                         What People Say                         

"I highly recommend this training. Elizabeth's teaching style is accessible and engaging. She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject. The course materials are fantastic and will be a great resource that I am delighted to be able to add to my reference library. I have already been able to implement what I've learned both in my teaching and my personal practice. Thanks so much Elizabeth! I am grateful for the experience and knowledge that you shared."  --  Laura C.

"Elizabeth has created a workshop that provides essential information and guidance for all yoga teachers.  As more seniors are finding their way to yoga, training like this is essential.  Thank you Elizabeth!" -- Beth C.