Private Instruction and Yoga Therapy


Private Yoga Instruction


Private yoga instruction is great for anyone. With private yoga lessons, you'll get one-on-one attention and the opportunity to personalize your yoga experience. Private sessions are suitable for those that are wanting to learn the basics of yoga, refine their practice, learn modifications for specific body issues, have personal wellness goals or create a foundation for a personal practice. 

Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy offers a unique approach to healing with the understanding that we are multidimensional beings and employs tools for addressing each layer—body, breath, mind/emotion, intellect/wisdom and spirit. Yoga therapy becomes a journey of self-inquiry and transformation bringing healing, restoring balance and a sense of wholeness. 

Yoga Therapy is a personalized experience for healing and can help with phyiscal limitations, stress management, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, energy imbalances, healthy aging and other illnesses and imbalances whether in the body, mind or spirit.

Private Yoga and Energy Healing


This one hour and 15 minute session is a powerful combination that works with your intention for healing during the session, first through the physical body with restorative yoga asanas and then with the energetic body using Reiki or IET (Intregrated Energy Therapy).  


Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing technique that enables the natural healing abilities of the body. It fosters deep relaxation which helps restore balance to both the physical and energy body, resulting in an enhanced state of well-being.

Emotional trauma is stored in our bodies and creates patterns of unhealthy behavior. IET works with Angelic Healing Energy to rebalance your body’s cellular memory--healing the “issues in our tissues”. IET facilitates your own self-healing abilities and works on all levels of your being. 



45 minute session $65, package of 8 $494

60 minute session $85, package of 8 $646

75 minute session $115, package of 8 $874

A package of 8 private yoga sessions is discounted by 5%. A package of 12 private yoga sessions is available and would be discounted by 10%. 

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