What People Say



"I absolutely love Elizabeth's technique and most of all her spirit.  Elizabeth worked with my husband and I and we truly enjoyed the experience.  We were beginners and she was very attentive to our physical needs and encouraging along the way. Teaching yoga is her gift and I'm happy that she is sharing it with the world." -- 

Dedra Faine  

“As a senior yogi I was fortunate to link up with Elizabeth during a period when I was having painful hip and back issues.  I was not able to keep up with the pace of her previously attended yoga class and was missing the exercise as well as the strengthening that yoga provides.  Elizabeth carefully selected several poses that did not aggravate my situation and in some cases assisted in alleviating my problem areas.  She was always upbeat and clear in her directions and recommendations.  Elizabeth is a great asset to yogis of all ages.”  -- Mary Hopkins

"I never exercised, never joined a gym, never thought about yoga.  Then I met Elizabeth and decided to take a chance.  For me, private lessons in Elizabeth's studio were just the ticket.  She carefully designed an individualized program for me, taking into consideration my age, ability, and experience.  I always felt comfortable and welcomed.  Every session was instructive, encouraging, and empowering, while at the same time, calming and peaceful. 

Whether you're a beginner, or seasoned student, being with Elizabeth in her studio, for one-on-one sessions, is great.  If you're a bit tentative about joining a class, or can't always fit a set schedule of classes into your routine, her private lessons are a perfect way to get engaged.  Elizabeth's depth of knowledge, and ease of teaching, make time spent with her both valuable and beneficial.  So ... perhaps like me, maybe you too will decide that now's the time to take a chance and give it a try.  Promise, you'll love it!"  --  B. Thomas

"My body has responded so well to your instruction! I can't say enough about how much you have helped me!! I now realize how important it is to stretch & pay attention to my body! You are a super master yogi instructor!!!" -- Debbie Healey

"Elizabeth is terrific!  She is very warm, welcoming, upbeat and very patient.  Elizabeth is very focused on you as a person in your private sessions and she is very encouraging.  I would definitely recommend her."  --  Dee Gracan


I have attended Elizabeth's yoga and Pilates class for four years. I consider her to be part of my personal "health care team." Not only does she know her disciplines well, she understands that all people have different capabilities. She pays attention to the members of her classes and modifies the movements to individuals as needed. She is quite personable and her classes are FUN.

Make sure to contact her. -- Joey Wagner